A better option when it comes to security guards and mobile patrols around Darwin.

AJ Security Services.

AJ Security is a Darwin based security company offering professional exceptional service to businesses, schools, churches and apartments around Darwin and Palmerston. We work tirelessly to deter criminal activity in the Northern Territory and give you guaranteed peace of mind when we look after your property or business. How good does it feel to go to bed or on vacation knowing that AJ Security is looking after your property. When it comes to competitive prices and customer service, we are a better option in the Territory. Our security guards are professionally trained according to Australian standards, so we know what we are dealing with and what to do to keep you and your property safe. We are proud Territorians, and we have a team which is customer friendly, vigilant and on point.

We are committed to improve the indigenous workforce by offering job opportunities to indigenous people of Australia. 50% of our management team is indigenous and we are a proud member of Supply Nation.